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Functional training equipment? What is functional? For gyms, and health clubs, in a practical sense, functional means utility, and purpose. Explore the HTS90 rig for small group training.

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What is the purpose of functional training equipment?

Functional training equipment is used to help coaches, trainers, and people participating in exercise execute specific movement patterns that translate into improved physical fitness, and movement efficiency. Functional is a term used to describe purpose and utility — if the objective of the exercise is to improve movement, and physical fitness then functional training should be included in the exercise programs offered in your gym.

While the term functional training may have reached its peak a few years ago, the principles defining human movement efficiency and exercise are as sound today as they have been since the beginning of organized exercise as a practice. Exercise programming designed to address human movement in all three anatomical planes of motion has been proven to improve movement efficiency, physical coordination, muscular endurance and strength, mobility, flexibility, and athletic skills proficiency for fitness enthusiasts, and athletes.

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What exercise accessories, and rig attachments do you need?

Functional training equipment ranges in utility, and purpose, designed for individual, and small group exercise. The exercises demonstrated on the functional training equipment in the video and images above illustrate practical exercise modalities used in personal training and small group training. Note the landmine, torso trainer, boxing station, pull up station, battle rope anchor, dip station, high rope pull attachment, TRX® anchoring, Olympic bar holder, and organized plate storage. This equipment and line of attachments and accessories illustrate a compelling story. Gym, health club, and fitness facility operators use functional training equipment as tools leveraged to attract, engage, and coach clients, and members. The functional training equipment images and videos on this page tell a simple story. The story is based on purpose, utility, and integration.

How to convert unused space for functional training?

Functional training is defined by a series of exercises developed into movement patterns that specifically address needs, and physical fitness or athletic training goals of members, and clients. Our exercise equipment simply serves to address the purpose of functional training. To do that well, we’ve developed equipment that serves the needs of your members, personal trainers and small group training instructors, and the needs you have as an operator to equip your gym, or health club in the most efficient, and engaging way possible. Every square foot in your facility must be defined by its purpose. Given that space within your gym, or club, is exceptionally precious it is essential that space not be simply occupied — but leveraged to help your members.

hts90 functional training equipment.
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How to design your gym for small group training?

We designed the Octagon HTS90 to serve purpose and utility. In a line of other Octagon fitness rig formats, the HTS90 offers a smaller, but highly functional footprint. This functional training equipment rig was designed to utilize the underperforming corner floor and wall space in your facility. The rig is well designed and positioned to transform a corner of your gym. Because it fits neatly into a corner — there is no wasted space. The freestanding training rig accommodates exercise for individuals, or up to 6 members or clients. This is the ideal number of clients for small group training. And, you’ll note that the practical design of the rig allows for storage of functional training exercise accessories as well. The storage component was developed to keep your facility organized and serve as a solution that keeps members and clients focused on their training sessions rather than wandering the gym looking for attachments and accessories. All in — purpose-driven. The value proposition is the purpose and functionality.

Would you like to learn more about our functional training equipment?

Do you operate a gym, small group training facility, or health club? If you would like to learn more about how we can help you transform underperforming space in your health club, gym, fitness facility, or small group training studio please use the form provided to express your interest or any questions.

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