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This functional training rig isn’t the same as other functional fitness rigs, its 360° frame allows 12 people to exercise in an engaging and dynamic way on its eight-sided multipurpose frame.

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I Want To Create My Functional Training Zone
  • This fitness training rig isn't the same as other functional exercise equipment rigs, its 360° construction allows 12 people to interactively exercise on its eight-sided fitness rig frame.
  • Multipurpose fitness rig with battle rope steel ring, catch rack, and rope pull attachments.
  • Multi-purpose fitness rig with torso trainer, weight horns, and wing attachments.
  • Multi-purpose fitness rig with boxing arm and pulp bar attachments.
  • Multi-purpose fitness rig dip station attachment.
  • Multi-purpose fitness rig with monkey bars section.

I Want One Of These Fitness Rigs

Octagon™ Multipurpose Fitness Rig

The Octagon™ fitness rig offers a multi-purpose, multi-planar, functional training, and dynamic training exercise experiences for up to 12 members, guests, or clients, within 360 degrees of training space for health clubs, boutique training studios, corporate, multi-family residential, university, hospitality, and spa, hotel, and private club exercise facilities.

Health club members, guests, and student-athletes, alike, exercise with purpose in mind. The experience provided by your fitness facility will either break or exceed their expectations. Gone are the unsophisticated days of simply filling a room with grids of treadmills, cardio equipment, and stand-alone, pin-select, exercise equipment. Social fitness is in — in a big way.

The truth is — customers, guests, and members are simply better informed. Customers are tech and exercise savvy. Have you noticed that wearable fitness trackers are now the norm? The greater population now wants to learn more about their personal needs, sleep patterns, strengths and weaknesses, and exercise solutions. People want to know how many calories they are burning during exercise, and they are tracking … by the millions.

Just as the general population, our customers, clients, and guests, are becoming more informed, and expect a better, more social, and fulfilling exercise experience — club operators, hotel management, and multi-family residential community managers, are smart in their efforts to meet new demands and expectations. Progressive exercise programming, and dynamic exercise experiences, now afford people opportunities to improve their physical fitness, track their success, and become engaged in social fitness as a normal part of their day.

We have one opportunity to express genuine purpose with guests and new members. One of the newest trends leading into 2016 in the fitness industry and vertical fitness markets is grounded in social exercise experiences. The Octagon™ fitness rig creates multi-purpose opportunities for group training in health clubs, group training in boutique training studios, and real, exciting, and progressive exercise programming for guests in luxury hotels, members in private clubs, students, and athletes in universities worldwide. Leaders in social fitness “now”, and trending forward, redefining the exercise and fitness landscape.

Enter Escape Fitness®. With the introduction of the Octagon™ multipurpose fitness rig, people are now utilizing previously underutilized space within fitness facilities. Club and vertical market fitness facility operators scrutinize their space and product footprint. Operators have two very immediate simple questions when presented with the material within this page.

I Want To Create Relevant Exercise Experiences

What do health club and vertical market fitness facility operators ask?

I. How will my guests and members use the space I have available?

This is very simple to answer, one, guests and members utilize space in one of two ways. The first, they will either sit on a piece of equipment, walk on a treadmill, sit on a bike, by themselves and exercise as people have been doing so since the invention of exercise equipment. The second, they will join up to 12 other people and become a part of an intentional exercise experience! They will participate in a functional exercise designed to meet the new and changing expectations of better mobility, greater flexibility, movement efficiency, and improved conditioning and performance. The social aspect afforded by the Octagon™ multipurpose fitness rig simply allows operators to capitalize on every available square foot to engage, and create energy, within the greater customer experience.

What is the second question?

II. What is the return on my investment? ROI!

This ties in with the inevitable “price” question … however, ROI remains the most dominant information necessary to make decisions about experiences operators are creating for guests and members. It’s quite simple, as well. Imagine your fitness facility or a section of your health club currently underutilized. There may be 10 machines in that space. Now, honesty, recount how many of those machines are occupied — actually being used — at the same time, several times a day. 3 out of 10, maybe? That means that only 30% of your guests or members are actually using the entire space. Now, again, honestly, what do you think their perceived exercise experience is? Do you really think they are engaged, having fun, and challenged? If so, there would be 10 out of 10 people using the entire space. True?

So, now that I’ve painted an accurate picture with you … how do we demonstrate true value to customers? The competitive advantage of the Octagon™ fitness rig over other fitness rigs is that the Escape Fitness team creates exercise experiences that are contagious, current, fun, engaging, and drive the social fitness movement with your facility. Health club operators do the math quickly, we know this. Why occupy space with members that aren’t really happy with their exercise experience, exercise alone, or not at all? No, we drive purpose. Our purpose is to keep people engaged, healthier, happier, and remain our guests and members — because we’ve earned their business and loyalty. We simply develop time slots for health club operators to designate as group fitness sessions, convert otherwise nearly empty space into revenue-producing programming. Yes, it’s about exercise programming! Other fitness rigs are simply commodities. An asset delivers value and generates revenue. Education, exercise programming, purpose. It’s about purpose, right? Health club operators, let’s do the math: 3 members participate in the health club membership equal to roughly $68 a month, multiplied by a number of exercisers during prime-time hours. Or 12 excited, engaged, and informed group exercise members participating in at least 2 classes per week, 8 times a month, times your group training penetration percentage … big number … does this sound about right?

Vertical market fitness facilities, you’re in a similar situation. Although you don’t necessarily set out to develop direct revenue as a result of exercise programming, you do understand the need to be more impressive, stand out, highlight business differentiation, value-driven features, and benefits, and be bold amongst your competitors. You want your hotel guests, students, multi-family residents, and employees to become healthier, loyal, and simply champion your brand. You create loyalty and continued business and personal relationships with the people you care about because you’ve earned the opportunity. Correct? Luxury hotel brands, multifamily residential communities, and other vertical market fitness facility operators understand one thing — keep people happy. Stay ahead of the curve. Know the difference between fads and trends, and simply deliver excellent exercise experiences and you, too, will be rewarded year after year with continued success.

Benefits of Group Functional Training

Value Drivers
Bring value to your member exercise experiences.
Exercise Experience
Deliver an exceptional exercise experience.
Social Fitness
Engage customers and members by bringing them together.
What is the ROI on happiness? Success.

Would you like to learn more about our fitness rigs?

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