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Online personal training with an exercise professional will keep you on task, on target—and out of excuses!  We deliver one-on-one personal training into your living room  …  lights,  camera,  action!

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Virtual personal training may seem like a big fad—but it’s here to stay!  Since Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns, most people have become accustomed to conducting day-to-day business online.  As a result the business of fitness has moved online too.  Virtual personal training is a unique solution for teens, parents, and older adults.  This new experience uniquely meets the needs of people managing mobility limitations, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and depression.  So we provide one-on-one online fitness coaching so that clients can exercise in the privacy, safety, and comfort of their homes.

If free time is tight or mobility is an issue, exercising with a personal trainer online may be a compelling solution.


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4 Questions of Virtual Fitness

The intersections of the internet, social media, and popular media are busting.  As a matter of fact, people now embrace the internet with ease.  Equally, most of us conduct and manage our lives online in some form.  We work, attend college courses, shop, bank, and entertain ourselves online.  For example, we hire virtual personal trainers to help us build and maintain physical fitness.  Markedly, all things digital are here to stay!

Health clubs and gyms offer “On Demand” fitness classes.  These products contain high production value to appeal to brand-savvy members.  That is to say the exercise classes include licensed music and organized movements.  Group fitness instructors teach classes online that people at home can follow in front of their televisions.

Group fitness, “On Demand” classes have their place in the group fitness experience.  Conversely, individuals looking for interaction on a personal level need one-on-one attention.  So, if you’ve experienced smaller-scale professional intimacy with a personal trainer at the health club, you know it’s a special relationship.  And that’s where virtual training shines for countless people online.

What is virtual personal training?

Virtual personal training is an online experience that touches the senses and engages your mind and body while delivering the convenience of fitness coaching in your home!

You’ve heard several buzzwords describing virtual training.  These buzzwords mean the same thing.  That is to say, the phrases virtual personal training, online personal training, and virtual fitness training are interchangeable.  So, personal trainers schedule and conduct exercise sessions online.  Accordingly, we use technology, software, and hardware to deliver a seamless fitness experience online.

Unlike personal training at the gym, virtual personal training is very convenient.  It’s a premium experience.  Think about your last experience at your local health club or gym.  Were you herded from check-in to the locker room, then directed from machine to machine among dozens of other people?  So, in fact, the gym may not be the most hospitable or convenient exercise experience.  Is it?

Is online fitness training for me?

Most people enjoy exercising at home with a virtual personal trainer coaching them.  So, in that light virtual training offers a superior and private experience.  Unlike the gym experience, online personal training offers one-on-one uninterrupted sessions.

Virtual personal training is uniquely valuable for people who need help, guidance, and convenience.  Moreover, people with limitations, are obese, suffer from depression, or have mood disorders enjoy the privacy of online personal training.  If muscular weakness, falling, or walking is a challenge, mobility is an issue.  Working with a trainer can help you reduce health risks related to weakness and falling, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and depression.  No matter the abilities or limitations of our clients, we love and respect them all.

As mentioned earlier, we focus on exercise for children, teenagers, and adults.  We concentrate on helping children and teens build goals and improve their self-esteem.  Empathy and authenticity define our core values.  We give respect for dignity above all.  Notably, this is especially true of our elderly clients.  Please ask about our physical fitness, weight loss, obesity, and senior strength training programs for gait stability and fall prevention.

In summary, our clients determine the value of our service.  Our brand is what others think of us, and our product is trust.  Every extra step we take to help people solve problems and make exercise more consistent, safe, and convenient—is a step our clients cherish.

What is personal training online like?

Personal training online is much like one-on-one training with a fitness trainer at your local health club.  Beginning with a consultative interview, you and your fitness trainer will share information.  You will review your health and exercise history and agree on terms and scheduling—your experience with your virtual trainer will be seamless.

Next, you will schedule your first session.  This session is the ice-breaker; it will help you get specific guidance to make your exercise space perfect for regular exercise.  So all technical considerations (devices, hardware, and software) used to conduct your sessions will be explained and tested.  From there, you will take part in your first general exercise session.  This first session will be introductory and allow your trainer to assess your current needs, limitations, and abilities.

In addition to physical work, virtual personal training can be an experience wherein you can focus on who you are—all over again.  That is to say that sometimes we forget who we are, and it takes intervention with people who care to start living the life we want.  So, what is training with an online trainer like?  Indeed, one-on-one virtual training or online personal training with your TribeLocus exercise professional is like exercising with a trusted leader and friend.

What is the cost of virtual personal training?

What is the cost?  As the saying goes, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

One-on-one virtual personal training will cost you between $45-$160 a session.  It takes many years to help enough people get what they want before we can get what we want, right?

People love products and services delivered to them.  We deliver the experience you’d expect in a way that can make your life a lot easier.  Virtual personal training is your next step in personal wellbeing, health, and fitness.  We look forward to hearing from you, so send us a line when you’re ready!

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