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  • How healthy are you? 

    Calculate your current fitness level based on VO2 max values and learn how your lifestyle can influence your health.
  • Are you certified? 

    If you are looking for a career as a personal trainer, consider enrolling in a qualified, accredited personal training certification program.
  • Interested in Exercise Physiology? 

    Learn how to exercise and how to perform specific exercises ranging from basic bodyweight exercises to complex compound exercises and movement patterns.
  • What’s new in the gym? 

    coaches congratulate athletes after sports training session

I’m an educator. How can I contribute? 

Are you responsible for providing exercise education? Does your organization offer a nationally accredited personal trainer certification, yoga instructor certification, or group exercise instructor certification?

We encourage exercise professionals to add value to their services by adding to their foundation of education, and practical experience. We believe a certified personal trainer, or exercise professional can distinguish themselves above their competitors by demonstrating a commitment to participate in continued fitness education, live workshops, and mentorship opportunities. If I’ve just described a value proposition that mirrors your organization’s commitment to exercise education and exercise professional certification — we want to hear from you!

Strength coaches, high school and college sports performance coaches (CSCS® CSCC® and other accredited organizations), if you work with student-athletes we want to support you by location! If you are a certified personal trainer, registered yoga teacher, group exercise instructor, or otherwise qualified exercise professional — we want to support you! If you are a CrossFit coach, AntiGravity® aerial fitness, pole fitness, or TRX® Suspension Training™ instructor offering professional fitness services, please apply at your convenience.

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