Fitness Age calculator factors your age, gender, ethnicity, height & weight (BMI), resting heart rate, physical activity level, and estimated VO2 Max to determine your compared fitness age.

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How healthy are you?

This fitness age calculator uses peer-reviewed data to determine your relative fitness. To be clear, the research used includes citations and practical testing protocols. In other words, these tests result from extensive testing, research, and practical trial. In fact, the test you are about to explore will help you to realize your current physical standing.

Your physical fitness is a product of several factors. For instance, your cardiovascular fitness, lifestyle, dietary habits, sleep patterns, and physical activity. To illustrate, your results contain information related to the answers you submit. With this in mind, exercise participation, and exercise intensity also factor. Furthermore, your location, ethnicity, gender, and age influence other data entered. Likewise, your calculated maximum heart rate and waist measurement are also evaluated. As a result, your resting heart rate, and other body metrics conclude the necessary data input.

This data and calculated factors express your VO2 Max , or your cardiovascular fitness. We do not share your information, or results with anyone — period.

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