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Learn about new exercise equipment designed to meet needs of our generation equipped with modern technology engineered to provide a superior and engaging fitness experience for users.

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New Exercise Equipment Trends?

It is important to discuss the difference between exercise equipment trends and exercise equipment fads. Exercise equipment trends reveal the growing scope, intelligence, interactive capabilities, outcomes as a result of the use, and sophistication of exercise equipment and accessories based on user needs, expectations, and measured outcomes. Alternatively, exercise equipment fads are defined by their short life in the marketplace.

Typically, fads are well marketed but poorly received products. Customers of fad products report poor experiences and the fad product or service simply dies away from the marketplace. Exercise equipment pieces or systems, and accessories are designed to help people exercise safely based on users’ needs and goals. Traditionally, exercise equipment was limited to exercise bikes, simple strength equipment constructed of a tubular framework known as a universal machine, and treadmills. The acceptance and understanding of exercise as a continuously progressing science has gained support among both commercial businesses and individual customers. People owe a great sense of appreciation to research scientists and leading manufacturers of today’s exercise equipment because enormous resources are invested in design, research, development, and production.

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Innovation as a result of growing trends and needs in the marketplace gives incentive to fitness industry product and equipment manufacturers to discover, design, and refine exercise machines and experiences for users. It was once unimaginable to utilize technology-focused exercise machines. Today, research and continued development in wearable fitness devices, touch screen enabled treadmills, bikes, and other cardio machines, as well as strength training machines, is common in the marketplace. Additionally, app enabled interface and utility is standard in most new commercial exercise equipment. All of this technology integration isn’t simply sizzle. Integrated technology in most equipment in health clubs, fitness facilities, and personal training studios, actually increases user safety, ease of use, and productivity. Fitness outcomes are measured by actual physical results using technology to analyze metrics and establish guided workouts to help exercisers workout effectively within less time and produce greater results from their efforts by design.

Included in technology upgrades to standard exercise equipment people are likely to find in commercial exercise facilities, a greater emphasis is now placed on the overall experience of exercisers. People do not simply exercise, they experience movements and exercise as a part of an overall experience that includes functional and design elements to attract and demand attention to their senses. Sight, hearing, touch, smell — and even taste, now enter into the experience of the average exerciser. People are attracted to what they find visually stimulating. Noise or music can cue, motivate, or de-motivate a person exercising. The way an exercise equipment piece feels can affect the experience of exercise. A smell can repel or attract people to use certain types of exercise equipment and accessories, like mats. Finally, the taste is an important factor in most exercise environments. People enjoy healthy smoothies and foods freshly prepared after a workout, all adding to the experience and ecosystem of exercise. Of course, we could dig much deeper into all the human senses and how these senses either help or hurt experiences. This would take a really long time. So, in summation, exercise isn’t an unpleasant experience today. As you will see watching videos and visiting our pages outlining new types of exercise equipment, technology, and environments — exercise equipment has evolved from machine to ultimate experiences.

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