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Health club design can influence member and client experiences. Learn how world-class health club design is changing the way people exercise, and the landscape of the health club industry.

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Storytelling Through Health Club Design

Contact us to learn how design features can introduce the benefits of membership to your health club. Check out these latest trends in health club design. Notice how each area is defined for a purpose and clearly tells a story without saying a word. An image is worth a thousand words — simply click on, scroll, or swipe through our fitness concepts. In addition to the images below, each of the following health club design projects are available in full 3D detail or high-definition image. Can you imagine your fitness members or clients walking through your facility doors to see design features like these? What type of experience do you envision for your facility?

  • Cuoco Black is a trusted and respected master fitness facility designer, former design academic and natural bodybuilder. He is the creator of the Concept Club which is a new gym design model that helps developers create unique brands that dominate their marketplace. His work includes independent gyms, personal training studios, women's only facilities, residential fitness centers, and new franchise models.
  • Modern Gym Lobby Design
  • Modern Gym Geometric Cardio Room Design
  • Modern Gym Entrance Design
  • Modern Cafe Design with Custom Seating
  • Modern Gym Checkin Area Design
  • Modern Gym Group Fitness Room Design
  • We wanted to convey a grand presence within the available space of this health club; and by using the circular cut out mirror to open up the block wall and reflect light, we accomplished our mission on this project.
  • Futuristic health club lobby design.
  • Futuristic health club lighting and interior design.
  • fitness center branding and marketing by design
  • fitness center design and marketing
  • fitness center marketing and branding
  • branding your fitness center
  • modern futuristic retail interior health club design
  • modern contemporary health club mens locker room design
  • This high-end, luxury, group fitness concept was designed for ASANA developed to integrate the business of fitness with the atmosphere of an upscale health club, chiropractic facility, and group exercise environment.
  • This grey and earth tones design concept is perfectly suited to serve as an entry or gathering area in any high-end health club or luxury fitness facility.
  • This design project was created for In-n-Out Fitness to help them make use of all available square footage and provide exercise experiences for their group fitness members.
  • Adding a sports conditioning concept to any health club can be challenging; this design was created for Field Fit to help them create as much usable square footage for their athletic training services.
  • This design project was completed for VP Fitness featuring architectural balance, symmetry, and health club equipment layout.
  • Our approach to this health club design project was to show how deep the customer experience can be by integrating design elements found outside of typical fitness facilities and incorporating the scale and grand experience members feel when visiting this space.
  • With this Nobis entryway design project we wanted to create light and use texture to be fearless in our effort to welcome people into the space by adding value to the reception area.
  • Its important to design a function training area wherein guests and members can exercise and follow the natural pattern layout with purpose and ease.
  • This Crunch flagship, grand location, needed geometry, angles, and lines that best represented the exercise opportunities and member experience offered by the facility, staff, and vision of Crunch.
  • As important as texture, spacial symmetry, the look and layout of a health club, how we present lighting adds extra value to the design of this VP Fitness health club.

I Like The Images Above — I’m Ready To Talk

What is health club design?

In short, health club design is based on the principles and benefits of your service, products, and proposition. The design of your health club can say a lot about what you intentionally convey to a prospective member — but even more so, the design of each space in your health club can underwhelm your visitors and leave them feeling uninspired, unimpressed, and not confident in your ability to meet their expectations or needs. Think of a large black-top paved parking area — with no painted lines on the parking surface. What thoughts immediately come to mind? Do you think people would park in an organized, confident, and effective manner? No. Of course not. I think you would agree that people would be confused … they would park in random order, too close to other cars, too close to the entrance, etc.

Now, think of the same scenario described above except the black-top paved parking surface is marked clearly with lines, arrows, in and out, yield and stop signs, etc. People using this space to park their vehicles would feel confident in their experience parking or leaving their vehicles in a designed or designated space. People, customers, expect organized experiences. Customers and health club members expect an efficient and comfortable experience … even when simply parking. Imagine what goes through the mind of a visitor to your health club if your areas are not designed properly. Does the layout or design of your health club convey a defined purpose? Perhaps all of your exercise spaces run into each other without a thought given to the natural and comfortable flow and purpose of each area throughout your health club? Do you think prospective members can visualize themselves participating in the experience you are offering based on the design of your health club alone? Without saying one word, your health club design can make or break your visitors, and members, experiences. I think you get the point.

Design is a way of organizing the experience of your members and guests. Design concepts and elements of design span to touch on every sense a person uses when discovering a new environment. World-class design, thoughtfully prepared in order to enhance the benefits, rather than features alone, of membership with your health club, can greatly influence successful member retention and growth rates. Aesthetically, design enhances how your health club looks, feels, and works! More to the point, the design of your exercise areas, training areas, group fitness areas, spa, and retail areas, all flow in together to present a confident picture — a snapshot — of your current and future member’s experiences. With special attention considered in sound abatement, texture of all surfaces, high and low lighting, material compositions, specific scents, colors, and implied or conveyed direction — your club could be considered among the world’s best-designed facilities — IF you consider the nature, importance, elegance, functionality, and experience of best design practices.

Our Top 6 Design Tips

1. The design must meet the burden established by the level of service and value of your proposition.
2. You must qualify every 40 sq. ft. to determine if the area will serve to support a defined experience, efficiency, and ROI.
3. Each area in your health club must be defined by its purpose based on its connection to other areas in your club.
4. There must be an educational component intentionally and continuously developed in each area of your club.
5. Each area of your health club must be perceived as a natural companion within the community of areas designed to enhance your member experiences— and serve as a collective marketing tool that conveys your culture, mission, and competitive advantages.
6. You must continuously survey your members to explore their changing needs and expectations to allow the design of your health club to remain flexible. This is especially true of exercise areas. While wet-areas, pools, or other fixed spacial commitments you’ve considered or are now managing may not be flexible and can be written in your business plan to allow for loss in space or user engagement — exercise areas can change, they can accommodate trends and changing member expectations, experiences, and engagement.

Thanks For The Design Tips, I Have Questions

Why do we offer design services?

The fitness industry is thriving. Health club members need, want, and expect more for their membership dollars. In fact, members and clients are more informed about their health needs and growing trends in the fitness industry today than ever in our short history. And, that is a good thing. The internet, medical communities, exercise professionals and other fitness industry service providers (among other influences) are driving thought-provoking experiences and consumer engagement in health, exercise, and wellness related efforts. Because of this growth and high-level engagement we all have an opportunity to develop solutions for customers based on their needs and interests. As leaders in health and fitness, we can build and offer exercise experiences that excite and compel our customers to maintain their health as a result of dynamic and contagious fitness programming. And, that my friends is our job — to design exercise experiences worthy of your brand.

How are our clients benefiting from fitness facility design?

Our commercial clients are technology savvy entrepreneurs who readily embrace the fact they, like us, are working to provide solutions for better educated, better informed, and more demanding customers. Health club operators are witnessing technological evolution unfolding in every aspect of their business. We embrace fitness trade shows, social media, and brilliant health club and fitness design solutions as represented in the actual project images, and one 3D image above, to help club managers and operators see how certain innovations are changing the way people interact with and experience interiors within the health & fitness space. As design consultants, the implications this will have on our own design decisions—regardless if it is controlling space, managing traffic through a facility, space allocation, providing interactive fitness solutions, or creating the best possible user experience—we are seeing this as very exciting and the opportunities are limitless.

Interfacing with various environments through technology and design has been evolving the past few years to the point that we’re now seeing how these innovations are guiding us in the way we plan our customers’ space, providing us insight on how facility design is moved. Operators in the health & fitness space are developing larger appetites for advanced design as a result of their user demand, with the following being the standard factors for the success of health & fitness spaces; customer experience, relevance, interconnected brands across multiple platforms, and the need for differentiation.

How to create a seamless user experience through design?

Our analysis of the evolution of fitness design has pointed out that, it is our responsibility to recreate the role of your physical space from a simple transactional model to a value-based member experience model wherein your club members are experiencing personalized solutions and the full purpose of your brand.

Technological advances deepen the possibilities of what designers and operators can employ when developing compelling user environments. The simple discussion of how a facility looks is becoming something of the past. The attitude of today’s user focuses on what the brand, fitness, and transactional experience means personally to them. Facility owners and operators are realizing how the facility/club performance, experiential design elements, and the ability to share these experiences on many levels concurrently is key to their success now and in the future. How we interact and touch our users throughout their time both within and outside of the walls of your facility is critical. The role of design consultants is to orchestrate and interact with these drivers. If we can continue to understand the course of how these technologies affect and enhance the design elements in which we use for our clients, we will be empowered to produce highly valued results with measurable outcomes for our clients.

What are the benefits of our fitness design concepts?

Increase in group participation
Added Revenue

Would you like to learn more about fitness design?

If you are responsible for operating exercise or fitness facilities and you would like to develop more sophisticated systems and experiences for your members and clients, please contact us today. If you would like to simply comment on our design portfolio, we want to hear from you.

After you contact us – don’t forget, we can support your facility, website, personal training, and group exercise programs. Yes, it’s free – always.


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