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Our business is trust; our product is service.  What others say about us is our brand. Derek Curtice

Who Are We?  Well, we’re personal trainers.  That is to say, it’s our job to help you learn how to exercise.  If you’re frustrated with exercise, and you want to give up—don’t.  With this in mind, always move forward and try not to backslide because a new experience is only a phone call away.

Where are we located?  You can find us at 6410 Poplar Avenue, Memphis TN 38119 or 1994 Exeter Rd., Germantown, TN 38138.  That said, you may visit either studio by scheduled appointment only.  But, we do look forward to meeting you!

Do we work with people who are very overweight or obese?  Yes.  What about people with disabilities?  Yes.  Furthermore, we work with men, women, and teenagers with special needs or physical limitations.  Also, if you or a family member would rather have a personal trainer meet with you in your home, we can help!

On the whole, whether you’re looking to lower your A1C, lose weight, or gain strength—you’ll find you are in good hands.  So, if you’re tired of fad diets or punishing exercise, we hear you!  Indeed, we’ve been helping people for 25 years fix problems created by “experts” in our industry.

When you’re ready to talk with a personal trainer near you, book an appointment below.

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What is Our Purpose?

Health risks like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes plague too many of us.  In this light, it’s important to ally with people working hard to end these conditions.  Working together, we can help millions of people.  That’s why we support educators, manufacturers, and exercise professionals.

We created our website to help people in a variety of ways.  First, you can compare personal trainers in your area.  Second, you can book a personal trainer near you who matches your requirements.  Third, our fitness apps, articles, and videos can help you explore your needs and interests.  For example, if you’re managing your bodyweight or calories you can estimate how many calories you need a day using an app.  In addition, you can learn more about top health risks and health risk prevention.

You’ll see that we don’t sell weight loss supplements or teach ridiculous exercises.  You’ll also see that our personal trainers don’t support gimmicks of any variety.  Moreover, our greatest ambition is to help you look and feel your absolute best!  When you’re ready to check out personal trainers near you, enter your zip code above.

So, relax.  Search a topic that’s important to you using the search bar below and explore.  Watch a video to see what’s new in the fitness industry or learn about exercise or performance.  Also, you may find the fitness apps in the calculator section interesting.  You can test your fitness, calculate your exercise heart rate or determine how many calories you should eat each day.  Enter a couple of keywords into the search bar below like, “heart rate” to learn about exercising heart rate, for example.

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Personal Trainers | Coaches & Group Ex Instructors | Join Us!

Are you a coach or personal trainer?  Do you teach yoga, Pilates, pole, or aerial exercise?  Otherwise, do you operate a fitness center or gym?  If so, you’re a micro-influencer capable of influencing people near you!

We’ve been helping people like you for 30+ years.  So, we’re good at what we do.  For a fact, you want to market yourself and stand out among local competitors near you.  At the same time, you want to help as many people as you can without breaking the bank.  Of course, you’re dead in the water if you don’t!  Granted that not all instructors will make the cut, yet our vetting process is fair.  So, we look forward to hearing from you!

So, how do we help?  First, we help market you and your business free of charge.  Second, we create website tools for you to use at no cost to you.  Prospective customers will gain value from your website.  Value translates into positive experiences.  So, you’ll build great traffic to your website. As a result, you’ll get opt-in data emailed to you every time someone uses an interactive tool on your website.  We don’t share your information—ever, because we value trust most.  In short, all data goes to you and no one else.  With this in mind, you’ll build great relationships with people visiting your website.  Your business will grow because you are working to create great experiences!

What do you need to do to get started?  First of all, contact Derek to register; second, connect on social media; and third, share your story!

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Fitness Industry

Manufacturers | Educators | Let’s Connect!

Are you are a product manufacturer, educator or distributor?  If so, let’s connect.  Many manufacturers and problem-solvers connect with us to help people.  We earn relationships with partners and influencers alike by creating value.  By all means, visit LinkedIn or our Videos section to see which companies we help and how.  Digital marketing and truthful storytelling rules!  That is, we tell your story and influence meaningful engagement with people who need your help.

Personal trainers and club operators have close relationships with the people they serve. I n essence, they are authentic influencers.  Because they have smaller audiences, they’re considered micro-influencers.  Micro-influencers use technology and best practices to help their members and clients.  We encourage you to follow the influencers we support.  They’re authentic, and they’ve earned support from colleagues, and customers.  For this reason, an organic connection is a win for you, influencers, and customers alike.  In short, this is how we drive profitable customer action for everyone involved.

You will love us as much for who we are not—as you will love us for who we are.  People say that managers do things right, while leaders do the right thing.  In truth, we always do the right thing.  So, are you interested in working with us to help people?  If so, reach out to Derek Curtice via LinkedIn to find out how we can help you.

Thank you for visiting!  TribeLocus is where people find or share authentic solutions for quality of life and experiences of a lifetime.

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Contact Derek
Our business is trust; our product is service. What others say about us is our brand.Derek Curtice

Looking for help?

Over the last 30+ years, we’ve learned how to help people in a variety of ways.  First, we help people manage limitations and learn how to exercise pain-free.  Second, we help exercise professionals connect with people looking for guidance.  Third, we are community builders.  That is to say that we earn and leverage relationships in the fitness industry to help people solve problems.

Gym, health club, and facility operators look for established solutions to help their customers.  In the same way, product manufacturers and educators develop experiences and tools to help these business operators serve their customers.  In the end, we’re simply hosts focused on community building and problem-solving so we introduce members of our community to each other.

So, we’re happy to help!  Please contact us if you’re looking for help in the following areas:

  • Personal Training
  • Trainer Registry / Website Tools
  • Product Support / Education

Please text a focused message, including contact preferences, and we’ll reply within 24 hours with a quick answer or offer time to discuss your needs.


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