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Logos! Explore custom sports flooring logos for high school, and college student athlete sports facilities. We make logos for rubber & oak platforms, and wood, concrete, and rubber flooring.

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We set the new standard in custom logos for student athlete sports flooring.

Team Logo Guys set a new standard in custom logo design, creation, and application. We see opportunities for improvement in this arena. High school administrators and head coaches love our logo graphics because they are well priced, and add value to the student-athlete experience. We make it easy for coaches, and buying managers to create a stunning presentation using the school logo on all sports flooring surfaces. If you are responsible for generating team spirit and marketing your school’s brand — start with Team Logo Guys!

We know you’re not interested in advertising. Branding is a process of sharing your story. That is where we come in. Brand your student-athlete sports team training facility or gymnasium with custom school team logos! Check out our proprietary engineered high school or college logo graphics. We make our sports flooring graphics for gymnasiums, weightlifting facilities, and student-athlete sports flooring. School pride – team pride – is the spirit driving students, fans, and parents to support student athletics!

Only use logo graphics that are floor-safe, and durable for use on weightlifting and sports flooring.

  • Wood Platform Logo
  • Large Custom Vinyl Logo
  • Wood Platform Logo
  • Bulldog Mascot Logo
  • Wood Platform Logo
  • Hammer Strength Logo
  • Rubber Platform Team Logo
  • Oak Weightlifting Platform School Logo
  • Rubber Platform Logo
  • Power Rack Platform Logo
  • Custom School Crest Logo
  • High School Logo

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What is the advantage of our custom team logo graphics vs painted logos or water jet cut logos?

There are three types of logo creation for high school or college athletic facility flooring. One method of creating a team logo is painted. Painting a team logo on a sports flooring surface isn’t a universal solution. Not only the issue of paint overspray is common, but also common is paint chipping and flaking. Painting is a common, but flawed practice. Paint applied to a floor surface must use a clear polyurethane coating. This method can create problems should a part of the floor need repair or replacement. If a painted section of flooring needs repair, the entire logo suffers. This can be expensive. Also, paint applied to rubber flooring scuffs, cracks, and peels.

Another method of creating a custom team logo involves cutting the logo into the floor. This method requires a water jet machine. Water jet cutting custom team logos for vinyl composition tile (VCT), non-PVC tile, vinyl flooring, rolled rubber, rubber tile, linoleum, and other commercial flooring solutions is expensive and permanent. This means that if wear-and-tear damage occurs — you must replace the entire section of flooring and logo. This expense on top of the cost of another custom floor logo is cost-prohibitive. This method of logo creation is not advised for heavy use in school weightlifting rooms and gymnasiums.

Engineered graphics offer the best method of sports flooring application. This application is safe and durable for most high school and college athletic facility flooring. Flooring types including natural virgin rubber flooring, commercial rubber flooring, hardwood flooring, VCT, and PVC flooring are well suited for engineered floor-safe bonded graphics. We manufacture our custom logo graphics from a proprietary blend of materials, and they are durable yet safe for all sports flooring materials described above.

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Learn how we help schools boost team pride with custom logos!

We guarantee our school and team logos to adhere to wood, rubber, concrete, and tile flooring. Unlike other graphics or decals (decals are stickers), we make our engineered logo graphics using a layered application technique suiting a floor-safe bonding agent. This means that while our logos are durable and resistant to scuffs, scrapes, and peeling — they do not cause damage to sports flooring surfaces. Also, our logo installation process and logographic manufacturing process are among the most scrutinized in our industry.

We know that our custom graphics are a perfect solution for your retrofitted or renovated the facility. Our graphics add branding and value to your wood platforms and rubber flooring. We use your artwork, and our technology and technology to design high-value graphics to wood, concrete, and rubber flooring. Our graphics are easy to install on all sports flooring. Your student-athletes and visitors will love your retrofitted Strength & Conditioning facility.

Looking for a custom sports flooring logo solution?

Remember, as you — we are lifetime mentors. We’ve been in the sports and fitness industry for 30 years. We know that there is a lot more to building a successful sports or fitness program than building a facility. When your facility opens — it must be able to support your marketing message. The things other people say about you become your marketing message. Your brand is the message people have developed about what you do. Your logo is not your brand. It is a thank you to all your supporters, student-athletes, and visitors. Let’s thank them all — every day!

We make custom team logos for weight lifting platforms and sports flooring. If you manage a high school or college fitness center or athletic training facility, and you would like to learn more about our custom lifting platform, and sports flooring logos please use the logo quote builder below.

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