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Escape Fitness, providers of functional training and plyometric exercise equipment, offers the Multiplyo™ Soft Box for plyometric training in fitness, athlete training and college facilities.

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A new take on a traditional product, the Multiplyo™ Soft Box is a three-in-one plyometric softbox that is manufactured to the same sizes as the boxes used in the CrossFit Games. The international Crossfit experience has given birth to the future trends in dynamic training. The Soft Box is more relevant now than ever in health clubs, fitness competitions, and gyms everywhere. Its’ size is 20″ x 30″ x 24″ (510mm x 760mm x 610mm). The Soft Box is a cost-effective solution for clubs and studios, you can give all your members the opportunity to experience plyometric training. The box is ideal for beginners to improve lower body strength and stability with simple step-ups then flip the box and use it to perform dynamic jumps for advanced clients. The plyo-box is weighted for added stability meaning you can jump in confidence yet the intelligent design and construction means it is easy to move around any space.

This box is made from a high grade recycled compressed foam with a BTEX outer shell. This, along with the internal foam, also means it is lightweight and easy to move around. The box is easy to clean and hygienic while the soft edges mean it is forgiving when mistakes are made — cut and bruised shins will be a thing of the past, meaning it is again a safer way to introduce beginners to the world of plyometric training. Because this box is made using soft dense foam with anti-slip landing zones, as opposed to wood, users experience fewer injuries common in plyometric work with traditional wooden boxes. These boxes remove the fear factor from plyometrics. They’re a great introduction to plyometrics exercise thanks to the soft surfaces and bright design.

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