SPRI Products

SPRI Products, Inc., a GAIAM, Inc., company, founded in 1983, is the leading manufacturer and distributor of rubberized exercise products found in exercise facilities and major retail locations.

SPRI Products, Inc.

The Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Institute (SPRI) was established in 1983 by orthopedic surgeons to create innovative sports rehabilitation products to fitness, rehab, and sports performance training markets. SPRI Products is a GAIAM company, GAIAM purchased SPRI Products, Inc. in March of 2008.

SPRI Products continues its legacy as the leading manufacturer and distributor of rubberized resistance exercise products. As a result of design and practical application in an exercise led by leading sports and conditioning specialists and exercise professionals worldwide for three decades SPRI Products has created an environment for popular interest in exercise with rubberized resistance products now common in homes, retail locations, and commercial exercise facilities alike.

Continuing momentum started in the 1980s, SPRI continues to develop and make available exercise products and exercise educational materials in retail locations and professional training facilities. In addition to an amazing assortment of mind and body products offered by parent company GAIAM, SPRI continues the development of exercise products designed for use in areas of functional training, athletic or athlete conditioning, balance and agility, and strength training environments.

SPRI produces exercise products for consumer use, available in retail locations, sporting goods stores, and online, and to commercial customers in medical and rehabilitation facilities, hospitality environments, to exercise professionals, including personal trainers and group exercise instructors, in health clubs, and in fitness facilities everywhere. Ask for SPRI products and accessories at your local sporting goods store or retailer.

If you are an exercise professional — insist on using high-quality SPRI products for professional use in your health club or fitness facility.

  • SPRI Products rubberized exercise products.
  • SPRI Products rubberized exercise products.
  • SPRI Products rubberized exercise products.
  • SPRI Products rubberized exercise products.

SPRI Products 

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