Fitness Accessories

Commercial fitness accessories and functional exercise equipment help gym owners and vertical market fitness facility operators create dynamic training experiences for their customers.

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Fitness Accessories

Commercial fitness accessories have become popular in health clubs and gyms with personal trainers. Personal trainers use these accessories because of they provide diverse and practical applications in training programs with personal training clients and group fitness participants. The portable nature of many types of fitness accessories makes creating dynamic exercise programs that challenge and engage clients much easier. Additionally, the ability to store fitness accessories and keep the fitness facility clutter-free adds value to the exercise experience of members, guests, and clients.

These products are used to help people exercise more efficiently. Exercise efficiency is the foundation of functional training. The term “functional training” is often used to describe exercise programs that utilize progressive exercise frequency, duration, and intensity executing the exercise in all planes of motion. This style of exercise challenges a participant to train their body in frontal, sagittal, and transverse planes of motion. These three planes of motion embody all directions of human movement. As a person becomes stronger and more stable moving throughout all planes of motion, they simply become functionally fit. This means that a person can accomplish more work without unusual fatigue, with less risk for injury, handle progressive workloads, and accomplish dynamic movement with greater ease.

The following images of exercise products demonstrate different exercise modalities and methods of exercise for strength and conditioning, speed and agility, athletic training, health and fitness exercise, flexibility, cardio endurance, physical conditioning, and functional training for activities of daily living and physical activity. Notice the use of suspension training straps (TRX®), Bulgarian bags, core bags, weights and dumbbells, discs and cones, agility ladders, platforms, benches, steps, and plyo-boxes. These types of fitness accessories allow clients and customers to exercise safely and perform efficiently.

  • We supply fitness accessories for functional training.
  • Fitness accessories for strength training.
  • Fitness accessories for weight training.
  • Fitness accessories for circuit training.
  • Fitness accessories for cross training.
  • Fitness accessories for plyometric training.
  • Functional training rig used for group training, the Octagon by Escape Fitness.
  • Fitness accessories for speed training.
  • Fitness accessories for boxing.
  • TiYR functional training conditioning equipment and fitness accessories for gyms, health clubs, hotel fitness facilities and vertical exercise facility markets.
  • Flexibility fitness accessories.
  • GroupX fitness accessories.
  • Hub fitness accessories.
  • Core training fitness accessories.
  • TRX fitness accessories.
  • Fitness accessories exercise posters.

Value Drivers

Bring value in variety to your customers experiences.
People want to be engaged, and inspired by relevancy.
Social Fitness
Engage customers and members by bringing them together.
What is the ROI on customer happiness? Brand loyalty.

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