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Learn about the safety and performance of Weightlifting Platforms and the benefits of all rubber platforms. Custom inserts, bevelled edges, and inset platforms are safer, and offer design benefits.

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Safety & Performance – Ditch the 3 inch!

Weightlifting Platforms: 101. If you’re a coach, ask yourself the following question. Are my weightlifting platforms safe for my student-athletes? If they’re 3″ off the ground, you know that the risk of tripping by your student-athletes is greater than acceptable. Right?

Modern weight rooms and strength rooms are using either a flush mount platform or above surface low profile beveled all rubber platform. Both of these choices are far safer and better than the former mentioned above. There is a low risk of a trip hazard with a flush-mounted rubber platform.

Flush mounted weightlifting platforms are inlaid or part of the rubber flooring. This type of weightlifting platform goes in while installing new flooring. To protect the existing floor, sound and vibration reduction, the thickness of the rubber flooring and platforms will need to be thicker. We achieve this additional thickness with existing flooring by adding our above surface mounted platforms. The thickness of your weight room floor could be 8mm or 5/16″ rubber flooring. This height of rubber flooring is adequate to prevent immediate floor damage. With normal weight room use, your floor will not last long. Eventually, the substrate is going to give way, crack and crumble. After that happens, the rubber flooring will begin to pull away from the substrate, typically concrete, and there will be a real mess to deal with.

Sound & Vibration Reduction (SVR Platforms)

Sound and vibration reduction values in our SVR Platforms are awesome. Our SVR platforms produce 52% less sound and vibration while athletes are training. Remember, as we disclosed above, our platforms are 19mm thick. Both material composition and density form an unbeatable product for noise reduction. In other words, you can coach your athletes and communicate headache-free!

Another important consideration with SVR platforms is complete protection. Think of the life SVR platforms extend to weights and bumper-plates. Because our platforms absorb 52% more vibration, your dumbbells, and bumper-plates last longer. You know, think of all the damage to your bumper plates. The plate-centers seem to pop right out, right? Well, that’s your floor tearing them up. How many bumper plates have you had to replace? Expensive, right?

Let Me See Examples Of Bevelled Rubber Lifting Platforms

Engineered Logos & Design

With all rubber weightlifting platforms, you have two options for adding your school mascot. The first option is with a process called water jet inlay. The logo or mascot is cut into a piece of rubber with the same design for the logo or mascot and completed by an installer. The second option is to apply an engineered graphic to the rubber surface. This is the best option. The engineered graphic will return a keen sense of texture and durability while going easy on the budget. It’s worth mentioning that the water jet inlay method is quite expensive and can cost more than the weightlifting platform alone in most cases.

Upgrade Your Facility

What if you already have your rubber flooring installed, and you simply are looking to add new racks or platforms? You have an excellent source for above ground, replacement all rubber weightlifting platform. These solutions are 20mm thick, made from all rubber and the inserts can be custom cut to fit inside your racks. The result is an OEM; original equipment, look and feel. With a thickness of only 20mm thick, this is far safer than the traditional alternative of 2″ to 3″+, a stand-alone platform with a steel frame. All rubber weightlifting platforms have transitions molded in, so there is a beveled edge all around the platform, or at least in all exposed edges where this reduces the trip hazard exponentially. With this last product mentioned, you would be able to add your school mascot to the platform with the custom-engineered graphic that was mentioned earlier in this article.

Why do you use lifting platforms? We know that protecting subflooring, reducing noise and vibration are practical answers. The purpose-driven reason why you use platforms is that you coach athletes to become stronger, and faster. Your student-athletes perform serious deadlifts, cleans, jerk, and other Olympic lifts. These lifts help them to become very strong, and teach them to use their body in the most efficient way, right? What happens if student-athletes trip over a 3″+ inch weightlifting platform with a loaded Olympic bar? Bad stuff, right?

We Need Logos For Our Weight Room

I asked many coaches, “Why do you like our platforms?” Their replies:

  • “We perform olympic lifts on your platforms”
  • “Your lifting platforms are made in America”
  • “We work on power and accesssory lifts”
  • “We coach our kids deadlifting one minute and then plyometric exercise the next”
  • “I like double stations for other ground-based training. I can keep my athletes focused in one area and not lose them to the hallway or water fountain”
  • “We get more traction or grip on our new platforms than on our old wood platforms”
  • “SVR Platforms make our weight room quieter, our high school is small and the band room is next to our weight room”
  • “We have our school mascot on our platforms, the logos pump our kids up”
  • “Well, your’s are built into our floor so there’s no risk for tripping”
  • “I like the tapered edges, and custom cut into the racks”
  • “They match our design and our kids get a kick out of deadlifting on our logo”

Our Weightlifting Platform Solutions

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  • Vikings Weightlifting Platforms
  • Weightlifting Platforms for College Strength Room
  • Weightlifting Platforms for Ironman Strength Weight Room<br />
  • Close up 20mm Bevelled 6ft x 8ft Weightlifting Platform with Custom Cut Interlocking Section
  • 6ft x 8ft 20mm Bevelled Edge SVR Weightlifting Platform with Custom Insert
  • 10ft x 20ft Interlocking Team Training Weightlifting Platform
  • Weightlifting Platforms for Modern Minimalist Weight Room
  • SVR Weightlifting Platforms with Custom Inserts and Logos
  • Vikings Collegiate Weightlifting Platforms

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I hope that after reading this article, you have a better scope of knowledge around platforms. If you have a higher level of appreciation how important the Weightlifting Platform is to your conditioning program — I’ve done my job!


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