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Interactive fitness technology can make exercise fun. Rehab exercise, performance, speed & agility sports training, and hand-eye coordination activities can be coached using Vertical 3.0.

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Learn About Vertical Interactive Fitness Technology

The Vertical 3.0 interactive fitness solution is designed to be used either by itself, as a tool for speed & agility training, sports training, rehabilitation, and fitness exercise. However, the interactive fitness wall can be used as an integrated solution by adding the wall tiles to our interactive flooring solution called PRAMA 3.0. Both fitness solutions offer exercise experiences led by pre-programmed exercise patterns, perfect for personal trainers, physical therapists, and athletic coaches.

The unique value proposition offered by either of the 3.0 active exercise solutions is grounded by the idea of interactive physical activity. People actually have fun! LED lighting, sensor prompting, and the competitive nature of timed exercise patterns help people to engage in fitness and exercise activity vigorously while enjoying the process. The experience, as highlighted in the video above, can be leveraged with mood lighting, sound, and sensors. These components work together, challenging eye-hand coordination, speed, agility, and quickness, along with cueing direction via the LED lighted discs, or an exercise professional, to coach participants to improve reaction time with progressive exercise patterns and programs.

  • Interactive fitness digital platform.
  • Bounding and throwing exercises on the interactive exercise wall.
  • Balance and stability exercise on the interactive exercise platform.
  • Lateral step exercise with kettlebell prompted by the LED fitness flooring.
  • Kids and seniors interactive fitness program.
  • Skills training on the interactive fitness wall.
  • Couples team training with the interactive fitness wall.
  • Interactive fitness wall with mood lighting and LED wall tiles.

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Active Technology for Skills Training

Foundational exercise programming based on dynamic training (functional training to some), plyometrics, and throwing and bounding exercises executed within all anatomical planes of motion make this technology a viable solution for student-athletes, fitness members, and rehabilitation patients. Our interactive fitness wall – Vertical 3.0 – is programmed to interact with people in a fun, and engaging way. The combination of lighting, sound, and dynamic exercise pushes people to perform at their best level. Members, guests, patients, or clients are encouraged to register their results and progress and form competitive classes that invite onlookers to participate in the exercises, either by themselves or as a part of a team or small group. The possibilities are nearly endless. The number of interactive fitness activities people can participate in is absolutely amazing.

  • Basketball speed, agility and quickness training.
  • LED interactive wall speed training for basketball.

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Interactive Technology for Sports Training

Think about it. Sports and skills training for student-athletes, professional athletes, and recreation sports enthusiasts touch an exceptionally large segment of our population. Basketball (as demonstrated in the two images above), hockey, soccer, football and many other sports require skills training, hand-eye coordination, and physical endurance training to improve movement speed & agility, foot speed and reaction time during a game. Add to this population, rehabilitation patients can benefit from eye-hand coordination drills (brain games), specific movement patterns, and rehab exercises that specifically speak to recovery and physical challenges related to the process of rehabilitation. Along both of these populations, children, and mature or senior populations can also benefit from fitness and activity programming using the interactive fitness Vertical 3.0 wall. Weight-bearing exercise, sports conditioning, kids fitness, walking, gait, and functional movement exercise modalities can be created, programmed, and coached using this interactive fitness solution. And, of course, the general fitness application is absolutely transparent.

Interactive Fitness Wall Specifications

The Vertical 3.0 interactive fitness wall is divided into nine lighted large dots. Three rectangular panels, containing 3 large sensor-enabled LED lighted dots are assembled to create the total square of nine dots. The net dimensions of the Vertical 3.0 wall tile squared area is 5.9 feet2 (1.8m2). The wall tile thickness is 3cm (30mm), and the weight is 6.6lbs (3kg). These are the specifications for the vertical tiles measuring 5.9ft (180cm) by 1.97ft (60cm).

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