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Explore interactive fitness with Pavigym. PRAMA offers a new look into the future of group training, and the use of technology leveraged to create amazing member fitness experiences.

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Interactive Fitness by Pavigym

Pavigym is an interactive fitness programming, and flooring solutions company. Our mission is to deliver high-value individual and group exercise experiences. We manufacture and supply exceptionally high value athletic and fitness flooring, interactive fitness technology, and the original interactive fitness platform – PRAMA. In addition to technical flooring, we manufacture and supply rubber flooring, outdoor and indoor athletic field turf designed for use in health clubs, hotel and hospitality fitness areas, gyms and university weight rooms. We offer a variety of exercise solutions that redesign and energize endless exercise experiences by utilizing walls and floors within a facility.

Our interactive fitness flooring solutions add value to exercise propositions. Health clubs and gyms, and nonprofit fitness facilities can utilize our interactive platform and flooring to extend value in membership, personal training, and group training services. Imagine taking your current exercise services to a new level by creating an environment that encourages people to utilize the compelling nature of fun and social exercise with exercise programming and data used in high-value exercise programs worldwide. Please take a moment to view the following images that describe how we blend technology, multimedia, mood lighting, fitness software, exercise education, and specialty fitness flooring to create exercise experiences people really enjoy.

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Flooring Solutions

We manufacture 10 lines of fitness flooring solutions and interactive exercise products. No more must flooring surfaces be an afterthought. Active flooring is now the most functional, value-added product used in fitness facilities worldwide. Our product range begins with aerobic flooring, designed to minimize impact injury by absorbing shock. Performance flooring is a solution for cardio and fitness areas wherein treadmills, and other cardio exercise equipment is used, and provides excellent sound abatement and reduces vibration distribution. Free weight room flooring named Endurance is perfect for high impact areas in a gym wherein sound absorption is vital. In areas where extreme impact is a concern, our maximum level of impact absorption flooring, aptly named Extreme, is a perfect flooring solution.

For high traffic areas of a facility, including locker areas, reception, and hallways, we offer the waterproof Traffic flooring solution. Our Body-Mind flooring is designed for yoga, and ground exercise, and adds thermal insulation value. For acoustic and thermal isolation on walls, our Vertical line offers a variety of textures and thermal insulation. For maximum hygiene consideration, and safety in wet areas including pools and spa areas, our Wet Areas flooring solutions provide traction and easy cleaning.

Wherein mixed martial arts, karate, and other martial arts classes require flooring to withstand heavy impact, offer longevity, and address hygiene, our Tatami flooring is a high-value solution. And, lastly, our Turf functional training flooring designed for indoor and outdoor areas is an ideal flooring solution for athletic endurance training, HIIT, group training, indoor and outdoor sports.

Interactive Fitness Solutions

Technology, exercise, and sports activity combined drive our technical flooring solutions. Our interactive fitness platform – PRAMA – is designed to serve as a full exercise solution. Technology is the value driver in this application. As you see in the video above, the walls and flooring are embedded with LED lights and sensors that detect motion. The exercise experience is supported by instructional markings integrated into the floor tiles. Gym members follow managed exercise programs supported by our proprietary software, controlled by personal trainers, as directed by interactive lighting signals.

Our greatest achievement in creating the PRAMA interactive flooring system is defined by real-world fun, and engaging exercise programming. Technology is great – creating a value-driven exciting exercise experience is better! We believe play is as much a part of fitness activity today as it was when we all were much younger. In fact, studies suggest improvements in mental, physical, and social health can be directly tied to a participant’s ability to enjoy exercise and physical activity – rather than simply endure it.

PRAMA Software employs facial recognition, cloud data storage, and is compatible with many devices including the PRAMA Kiosk, PRAMA Screen, and Apple® products including the iPad, and Apple Watch. Workouts can be tracked and evaluated as a larger part of a data influenced exercise experience. Additional mood lighting sets a tone for each workout, and the experience can be changed without restriction. Exercisers are invited to have fun, train competitively, and enjoy the PRAMA experience!

Value Drivers

How do you WOW customers? Give much more than you take, and keep giving!Derek Curtice
Our technological integration of lighting, software, and exercise programming into fitness and exercise solutions grounded by our interactive flooring systems is a step in the right direction. We believe what our customers tell us – our products inspire imagination and motivate physical activity. Our interactive fitness platform simply engages and ignites a passion for play and exercise.

Health club and gym members, fitness facility members, personal training clients, group training participants, employees, guests, and shareholders all benefit from free or guided exercise and fitness activity. It is an amazing accomplishment to see universities, hotels, hospitality, resort, and spa fitness facilities employ new strategies for creating functional, and spectacular exercise and training experiences for students, guests, and customers.

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