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Our gym consultants are uniquely qualified to upskill your management and revise systems and technology to slim your budget while increasing gym profitability. Stop the bleeding. We can help.

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Operation Gym Rescue!

Our health club and gym consultants cater to both multi-club and stand-alone gym operators. Many of our consulting clients manage smaller gyms, group-x, or personal training facilities. No matter what size your fitness facility is, profitability keeps you solvent. And solvency is a result of good employee management, member retention, and facility maintenance.

How to Open a Gym?

gym consultants

Have you been thinking about opening a gym? Chances are you’ve already begun a responsible level of due diligence. Learning how to start a gym isn’t a hobby. That is to say, it’s a full-time endeavor.

One of your first considerations is gym financing. Funding your gym might sound easy if you have the cash. If you don’t, then consulting with a gym consultant is a must. We offer this advice because you need a great relationship with lenders and a gym broker. It’s vital to work with a gym consultant who understands the ins and out’s of the gym business.

Please take time to consider these probing questions:

  • How to start or open a gym?
  • How to fund or finance a gym?
  • When and how to renovate a gym?
  • How to rescue and turnaround your gym?
  • When and how to buy exercise equipment?
  • How to mentor your staff?
  • How to increase gym traffic?
  • How to drive gym marketing?
  • When to get sales training?
  • How to source new management?
  • How to develop profit centers?
  • When to outsource profit centers?
  • How to restructure staff and management?
  • How to increase ROI and EBITDA?
  • When to scale your gym or franchise?
  • How to sell your gym?
  • When to consult with a gym broker?

  • Gym Consulting, Sales and Management Principal, Jim Thomas
  • Get gym financing with the best loan terms
  • Senior gym broker, Shawn Massey
  • Gym Consulting, Sales and Marketing Staff
  • Powerhouse Gym Sales and Marketing Seminar with Jim Thomas
  • Get the best financing rates to purchase a gym

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Considering Solutions

So now that we’ve outlined (above) many questions about opening or running a gym, now it’s time to shift to solutions. Are you looking for assistance with acquiring or selling gym equipment, developing a business plan, setting budgets, sales training, or general advice? Maybe you need financing, marketing, or a real estate consultation at this time. With our flexibility, you only pay for the gym consulting services you need.

Please consider the following gym consulting services and solutions:

  • Brokering (buy, sell, for sale by owner)
  • Design and Construction
  • Equipment (buy & sell)
  • Financing (startup and existing operations)
  • Management Training
  • Staff Recruitment
  • Gym Marketing
  • Gym Sale/ Leaseback
  • Sales Training
  • Systems & Software
  • Troubleshooting
  • Insurance
  • Payroll Services
  • Site selection and lease negotiation

Together, we will plan out tactics and strategy. Gym consulting and management isn’t a guessing game. We’ll begin with blocking and tackling. Back to basics always wins games. So let’s have a game plan from the get-go. Together we will get your systems in place, so you can teach your management and staff already on board.

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Gym Marketing & Sales Training

gym consulting

So, how do we help you? While there is no one size fits all solution for all business operators, everything we do begins with a clear understanding. We have to clearly understand your challenges and dig down into root causes so that we can execute meaningful tactics. Is culture the issue? Is management or staffing causing you the greatest challenges? There are many reasons clubs and gyms find themselves not operating with peak performance.

So we start with a full analysis of your business to uncover enemies of profitability. Think of an operational analysis as a snapshot of your current business health. Gym consultants use this impartial snapshot to allow you to see things you could be missing because of how close you are to the business.

Together we will find answers to questions such as:

  • What is your sales strategy?
  • How do you follow up with potential customers who visit your gym?
  • How does your staff answer the phone?
  • Does your marketing strategy compel others to tell your story?
  • Is your website simply an online brochure or is it a true lead generator?

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Start-up Gyms & Clubs

start-up gym consulting

If you’re in the start-up phase or ready to launch a new gym, we stand beside you. We help with collaboratively planning the business. It all starts with a thorough questionnaire that helps create your business plan.

You will get high-level education and gain confidence in gym ownership. Education, mentorship, and confidence (along with strong numbers and due diligence) pay off when it’s time to talk with bankers. Moreover, you’ll need and value what you learn when talking to investors or your new landlord.

We’ll work on strategies to mitigate risks, manage your staff, and plan your budget. No franchise fees. No royalties. Let’s set strategies and create an engaging brand for your gym.

Gym Loans & Funding

fitness business funding

How do you plan on funding your new gym or fitness business? This is where the value of an experienced fitness business consultant pays off. If this is your first funding journey, mistakes cause the unprepared to fail before they ever start. In other words, you can get in way over your head—or worse—end up undercapitalized if you make just a couple of mistakes.

Are you looking for investors? If so, have you gathered all the necessary information for investment? Or are you looking for a favorable loan? We are connected to multiple sources to help with start-up capital, a line of credit, or operating funds. We can help you find funding.

Banks often require months of operating expenses on hand. Are you already undercapitalized? What level of financing do you need? It’s about solving problems before they occur, and we help with that too.

Gym Marketing & Advertising

gym marketing and advertising

Think about it—you found us, right? The number one job description for every gym owner is to get people through the door. No doubt, as you know, advertising gets attention, but marketing tells your story. And most important, is the story others are telling about you. Our innovative and proven marketing strategies help you make sure you’re driving people into your gym. Our marketing strategy keeps your phone ringing, the door swinging, the email dinging, and the texts pinging!

We welcome the opportunity to meet with current and potential gym operators and investors to discuss how we may be of service to you. Please get in touch with us when you’re ready for any gym consulting, sales and marketing, or staff and management services detailed above.

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