Financing a Fitness Business

Learn how to finance your business. Business financing is much more complicated than simply borrowing money to open a business. Explore investment, due diligence, and costly mistakes.

Learn about financing options, investment due diligence, and types of financing for your fitness business.

Financing a Fitness Business

When you start talking about financing, most entrepreneurs tend to glaze over and fall out of love with the concept. If you have ever gone to the table and asked for investment money from anyone other than your family, you know that there is a great deal of work ahead of you. Not only are you on stage to present your concept or business plan but also you are pitching yourself as if you were looking for a job. Ironically, small sums of money sought in financing can be as difficult as large amounts of money. They require the same due diligence and investigation by investors.

A recent study by The Association of Fitness Studios shows that more than 64% of studio owners surveyed, invested their own capital in their startup studio businesses[1]. The same study revealed that just 10% started their studios with bank loans.

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