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Fitness facility design and architectural planning services for hotel and hospitality environments including leisure centres and resorts, multi-family, condominiums, corporate serviced apartments.

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Designing a Fitness Experience

Simply swipe (mobile devices) through our beautiful fitness facility design projects. We specialize in designing solutions for health clubs, multi-family residential developments, luxury hotel, and hospitality properties, and high-value gyms. Our concept is to bring functional designing and fitness solutions to hospitality, multifamily, education, corporate, private club, and hotel fitness facilities. We believe design is more than aesthetics alone. A presentation must meet the needs and goals of operators, management, employees, customers, and clients, based on high standards in utility, functionality, beauty, and unmatched user experiences.

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Fitness Amenity Design

We believe that design is simply the extension of a well-earned brand. Designing is a collaborative effort leveraged to balance the functional operation of a space or environment and the beauty, ease of use, and deliberate experience expected by design conscience and savvy operators, management, customers, employees, and clients. We consider functional aspects of available space, and purpose, to evaluate and deliberately leverage strengths in environmental, and cultural factors existing within companies, corporations, hotel and hospitality, education, private clubs, and multi-family community ecosystems.

We know that it takes a great deal of research and planning to exceed the expectations of our customers—we’re simply willing to do more to provide unmatched design experience. In our planning stages, we consult with architects, engineers, project managers, and commercial property developers to fully map out all aspects of a concept or design. We develop solutions considering the brand first — overall styling, to very sophisticated senses based strategies including attention to a variety of purpose-driven textures, acoustics and vibration, sound abatement, ambient and focus lighting, ambient scent, and temperature control, to deliver unmatched user and guest experiences.

As a rule, space can be defined. In fact, it must be defined. The space in which clients, guests, students, employees, and residents spend their time can be defined and experienced rather than simply walked through. Flooring, wall coverings (see the pleochroic glass image above), and all space in between can be designed with purpose, direction, and focus on safety and excellent user experiences. Our goal is to help our clients develop their vision through the use of the most current trends and best practices in our industry. We develop fitness facilities for functional use, aesthetic beauty, and unmatched social exercise experiences.

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Beginning with layered and sophisticated consultation, we are prepared and exceptionally successful in our ability to listen to the needs, thoughts, and concerns of our clients. We are experienced in developing a full spectrum needs analysis allowing us to work together with our clients to discover both the complete vision and often unanticipated challenges in planning a design concept. From initial drafting services to detailed interior design presentation — we convey our clients brand in a tasteful, well-organized fashion.

We review all applicable information relating to the wants of our clients as well as the needs, whether known or unknown. We anticipate future challenges and prepare solutions in the planning phase. We will develop full-scale architectural drawings, 3D renderings, and sample boards representing our design solution as aligned with our client vision. Our recommendations, based on well-established industry best practices, rising trends, and the specific needs and wants of the customer to develop a plan that can change and positively influence exercise, wellness, and fitness experiences.

All aspects of practical and functional requirements are evaluated during the planning stage. Construction drawings, interior design drafts, architectural viability, engineering considerations, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing requirements all enter our arena and scope of both influence and expertise. We determine spacial requirements and opportunities for dynamic user experiences, equipment arrangements, footprint opportunities and limitations, and the flow of proper infrastructure vital to establishing a luxury layout, environment, and overall experience matching our clients’ deliverable vision.

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