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Explore virtual fitness classes, including 12 group exercise workouts, Immersive Fitness™, and Workouts on Demand™ designed by LES MILLS™ for gyms, fitness facilities, and health clubs.

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How Do I Add Virtual Classes Into My Facility?

What are Virtual Fitness Classes?

LES MILLS™ Virtual fitness classes and digital workouts are licensed group fitness classes that are filmed live and projected or played on a big screen in tune with audio through a sound system. The virtual fitness classes range from strength training to flexibility, and cardiovascular exercise classes.

Virtual fitness classes are designed to welcome people to exercise in an immersive virtual environment online. Much like aerobics classes, total-body fitness classes, and other group exercise classes in your local gym … virtual group fitness classes deliver exercise experiences in social, emotionally compelling, and entertaining ways via the internet. These online exercise solutions are designed for commercial, and private or in-home customers. Commercial fitness facilities and private customers looking for virtual exercise solutions both subscribe to these fitness services.

Virtual fitness is a title that describes online fitness and exercise programming. Online fitness classes offer exercisers an opportunity to exercise in their homes and warm up to the idea of exercising regularly. These services or solutions are available from LES MILLS® under the title of Workout on Demand™. Group fitness, small group training, indoor cycling, strength training, cardio exercise, and many other exercise programs are offered online to meet the needs of people of all ages – from physical activity for toddlers to exercise programming for seniors – who are looking for structured online exercise content and programming. These programs are offered to health clubs, fitness facilities, and gyms under the title of LES MILLS® Virtual Fitness™. Please mouse over the images below to get a description of each of the virtual fitness workouts.

  • BODYPUMP virtual barbell class
  • BODYCOMBAT virtual martial arts workout
  • BODYBALANCE virtual yoga class
  • CXWORX virtual core exercise class
  • SHBAM virtual dance fitness class
  • RPM virtual fitness cycling class

I Like The On Demand Aspect, I’m Ready To Learn More

Virtual Fitness Solutions › Delivering Exercise Content Online

virtual fitness class bodypump

Why Should You Offer Virtual Fitness Classes?

The idea of delivering exercise and fitness content on a media platform isn’t new. Jack LaLanne used television to deliver messages about health, fitness, and exercise beginning in 1953. Although the episodes were brief, he was able to get millions of people to tune in to his fitness messaging for more than thirty years.

In a huge step forward, health clubs, fitness facilities, and gyms offer virtual fitness classes for a couple of different reasons. One, as a way of extending their brand and fitness services to people who may not yet be members. People who are not yet members may not be ready to commit to working with a personal trainer, attending live fitness classes, or joining a gym — yet. It is essential to meet people where they are and provide fitness solutions that can help them begin their personal journey maintaining ideal health and fitness.

The second reason health clubs and gyms offer virtual group fitness classes is that gyms and health club operators can increase the number of group exercise participants within their facility by offering virtual fitness classes during non-peak times, or for people who simply want to exercise as a part of a group but cannot yet make scheduled commitments.

In order to create virtual exercise experiences, clubs, and gyms use their equipped group exercise areas to deliver both the licensed music and group fitness workouts by way of a big LED screen television or projected from a projector onto a large viewing screen, and a commercial sound system.

Each virtual fitness workout is the product of extreme scrutiny. Each class is developed to deliver an extraordinary exercise experience by matching licensed music, choreography, practical exercise modalities, well-trained exercise instructors, and video presenters filmed with a live audience from many perspectives and camera angles to capture all of the energy and atmosphere of each virtual fitness workout.

I Want To Increase My Group Fitness Participation

Into the Future › Immersive Fitness, and Workouts on Demand

immersive fitness technology

Exercise trends shape the way people enter the exercise and fitness space. The trend toward virtual fitness classes, immersive training, and workouts on-demand, offers millions of people viable and spectacular exercise solutions, especially if they are not yet members of a gym or health club. There are several virtual fitness content providers, but few have the full spectrum value proposition offered by Les Mills.

LES MILLS is a fitness industry giant. They offer exercise education, 130,000 certified group fitness instructors, licensed music, and 20 quarterly updated workouts that are licensed by 16,500 partners in 80 countries. LES MILLS, as a company, is very clear about its mission. They don’t envision creating Virtual Fitness, Workout on Demand™, Immersive Fitness™, and an entire exercise and fitness ecosystem to coerce people into exercise — their mission is much bigger. They create amazing fitness and exercise solutions so that people will fall in love with fitness, and want to work out.

The future is now — LES MILLS now offers technology-driven exercise experiences fueled by a truly immersive experience by way of digitally projected 3D graphics, and design elements that transport a class participant from the spacial limitations of their physical exercise environment within a gym or health club to virtual reality scenes like a projected glacier, volcano, or a space-age city. Immersive Fitness™ is a group fitness class designed for indoor cycling. The workout is called The Trip™, because the experience isn’t stationary — it is a trip!

Would you like to learn more about these virtual fitness solutions?

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