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Group fitness instructor certification by Les Mills — rated the best worldwide. Les Mills leads group exercise education, group fitness instructor certification, and master trainer workshops.

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What group fitness instructor certifications does Les Mills offer?

Do you want to know how to become a Les Mills certified group fitness instructor? The first step is to find a training facility. Because Les Mills connects with health clubs, and fitness facilities worldwide, it is likely that a host facility is near you. A group fitness manager can walk you through the necessary steps to become a certified group fitness instructor. Contact us for an instructor training facility closest to you.

After you team up with a local group fitness training facility, you may connect with your local Les Mills instructor training team. You will get signed up. You will review and sign an instructor agreement. After the approved Les Mills instructor agreement you will book your spot at an initial group fitness instructor training event to begin the certification process.

Take just a minute to review the following images and descriptions of Les Mills workouts. Les Mills offers group fitness instructor certification initial training events and workshops to teach people how to become licensed and certified instructors for BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, BODYFLOW, CXWORX, BODYATTACK, RPM, SH’BAM, BODYJAM, BODYSTEP, and BODYVIVE 3.1 fitness classes. Les Mills creates materials, class updates, and new workout releases quarterly — so contact us for updated information.

  • bodypump instructor certification
  • bodyattack instructor certification
  • bodyflow instructor certification
  • bodycombat instructor certification
  • cxworx instructor certification
  • rpm indoor cycling instructor certification
  • shbam dance fitness instructor certification
  • bodyjam dance fitness instructor certification
  • bodystep step cardio instructor certification
  • bodyvive 3.1 group fitness instructor certification
  • sprint indoor cycling instructor certification
  • grit strength instructor certification
  • grit plyo instructor certification
  • grit cardio instructor certification

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What is Les Mills initial group fitness instructor training?

Now confirmed by a Les Mills instructor training team member, you must review initial training events near you. When you find an initial training event near you, simply reserve a spot. After you reserve a spot in an initial training event you will receive class preparation materials by mail.

The initial instructor training workshop includes the latest class releases, class manuals, and practical guidance from a nationally certified instructor trainer. Initial group fitness instructor training is a preparation phase. In this phase, you will learn about Les Mills classes and teaching techniques. Assessment is the last step of the initial group fitness instructor training event. After assessed, you either fail or pass into the next phase of instructor training. People who do not pass initial training may leave, practice more, and send in a video demonstration of the skills you’ve learned during initial training for another review. If you pass initial training you move forward as a trainee.

How do I become an official Les Mills certified group fitness instructor?

Remember, at this point, you are a trainee. Les Mills certification is more than a process. Becoming certified as an official Les Mills group fitness instructor is an experience. You will be carefully assessed to determine that you have fully embraced, and can safely demonstrate all of the qualities, and practical demands of teaching a Les Mills group fitness class. To become fully certified as a Les Mills group fitness instructor you must send in a real video of you teaching a Les Mills group fitness class. This video is important because it shows that you are instructing a class properly, and according to the standards of Les Mills.

Trainees invest several weeks into refining their skills as a trainee group fitness instructor. Only send your video in when you feel comfortable as a group fitness instructor trainee, and you feel you are able to best show that you are ready to become a fully certified group fitness instructor. Send in your video, and all of the required documents sent to you by members of the Les Mills instructor training team. Les Mills reviews your group fitness class instruction video. If your video shows that you need more practice we will contact you to give you the opportunity to resubmit a qualified video. If your video shows that you have learned how to use proper techniques to teach a group fitness class, you pass — you are now a fully certified Les Mills group fitness instructor. Congratulations! You’re a part of the Les mills tribe and a certified group fitness instructor!

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What are the quarterly workshops for certified Les Mills Instructors?

As we mentioned above, not only do you receive the industry’s highest quality instructor training, certified group fitness instructors become a part of the international Les Mills tribe. As a certified instructor, you’re invited to live quarterly filming, in which Les Mills releases the latest music and choreography for each Les Mills workout. Instructors are also invited to quarterly workshops wherein Les Mills instructor trainers teach techniques for new group fitness class releases. Certified instructors enjoy continued education and current exercise research.

Mega Workshops attract certified group fitness instructors worldwide. Les Mills international master trainers and program directors lead Mega Workshops. Mega Workshops provide an experience for certified Les Mills group exercise instructors wherein instructors learn how to develop classes for customers, and health club members unmatched in the group fitness community.

Groundworks is a workshop for certified group fitness instructors looking for hands-on technique coaching from Les Mills master trainers. Think of Groundworks as a mentorship opportunity wherein master trainers share their most successful techniques for group fitness class instruction. You can choose up to three Les Mills workouts to practice with a certified Les Mills master trainer. Groundwork workshops include an overview of exercise education and Les Mills teaching techniques.

Advanced Instructor Training is the third workshop experience offered to certified group fitness instructors. This workshop consists of two workshops. The first workshop, Advanced Instructor Training 1, the second part, Advanced Instructor Training 2. This pair of workshops teach certified group fitness instructors how to improve their class experience from technique based teaching to internationally acclaimed full-blown fitness experiences. Contact us to reserve a spot at the next quarterly workshop near you.

Would you like to become a Certified Les Mills Group Fitness Instructor?

Are you looking for information about becoming a certified group fitness instructor? Would you like to learn more about Les Mills, and all the internationally renowned workouts offered in health clubs, and fitness facilities? If you operate a fitness facility and would like to get your group fitness instructors certified to teach Les Mills group exercise classes please contact us today.

After you contact us – don’t forget, we can support your facility, exercise, and group fitness programs. Yes, it’s free – always. Simply contact us to register the exercise professionals responsible for working with your members and guests.


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