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The LifeTrak watch is a digital watch enabled with heart rate monitor, activity and sleep, calories burned during and after exercise, with precise hourly, daily, and weekly tracking technology.

LifeTrak Watch

Of gadgets, widgets, and things … there are some I use and enjoy, there are other things I find to be a waste of time, and frankly — money. However, I am delighted to support people who are developing products that truly serve a need in our market. The fitness industry, as a whole, is a multi-billion dollar industry. Eliminating the weight loss market, much to my joy, I have an opportunity to review fitness products and use them in my daily life. Yesterday I purchased a LifeTrak Core, model C210. It is essentially a watch with metrics capabilities for many of my day-to-day activities. In addition, to watch features like time, day, and date, included in the metrics features of the watch are sleep quality, calories burned, heart rate, actigraphy, and steps & distance.

Now, because I exercise and I teach others how to exercise, certain fitness technology products really are useful. The actigraphy feature allows me to review my summary of sleep and activity by the hour. The actigraphy cars represent three categories: normal, active, and very active. To evaluate my sleep, again, the actigraphy bars represent three categories: light-medium, and deep sleep. Essentially the LifeTrak line of heart rate and quality of life metrics allow me to track, set goals, and evaluate my day-to-day fitness. I like the watch because it is simple, easy to read — and set up. The display simply renders, from top to bottom, in order, the percentage of activity goals accomplished (expressed as a bar darkened and titled with percentage of goal accomplished), the time, day of the week, seconds, A.M. or P.M., the date, and one of many icons (distance, calories, steps, and sleep), all of which you can toggle from one to the next with one-button operation as indicated one at a time during use. For example, if the watch is set to meet a goal of steps per day the steps icon will be illustrated. The face of the watch is clean, neat, and perfectly large enough to read yet small enough to be worn comfortably daily. The programming instructions are quite easy to follow. Within 3 minutes I had set the time, date, and advanced settings including gender, birth date, height, and weight. Simple, really.

Now, why did I take the time to write this review of the LifeTrack C210? Simple, of many similar devices that track steps, distance walked or run distance, heart rate, calories burned, etc., I was able to pick this model up at the local Costco for less than $40. Compared to other models that retail between $99 – $200 and up … the only appreciable difference, from my perspective, is that other devices have more advanced features and utilize web apps to allow people to use their phones or computer to review data or set goals. By the way — this is exactly why I like this particular health and fitness metrics watch. I do not want to spend time on my cellphone or computer tracking, analyzing, or planning anything related to exercise! As a trainer, I routinely review data collected from client workouts. Benchmarking is important. I believe in using tools, technology, and devices to help me or my clients accomplish their fitness goals — what I do not like or want. is to burden my clients with extra tasks they inevitably will not enjoy or continue to complete. Put the watch on, workout, go to bed, sleep, see what you’ve accomplished and set goals accordingly. Simple. I like that when I work out, I can review data about my workout, including duration, calories burned, heart rate, etc. It is simple to use, view and is sold at a price-point I couldn’t pass up. LifeTrak — great price, no apps or computer needed, thumbs up!

LifeTrak C210

Easy to Use

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