Dynamic Training

Dynamic training is a method of exercise wherein a person trains the body in all anatomical planes of motion, using industry leading functional training equipment and dynamic training accessories.

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Dynamic Training

Dynamic training is a series of exercise modalities involving movement within all anatomical planes of motion. When performing dynamic exercises the body is connecting, and relying on, all muscle groups to stabilize, generate power, force, and successfully accomplish each movement, and progressive movements. Moving through the sagittal plane, transverse plane, and frontal plane, the body can become very stable, strong, and conditioned. Dynamic training is a preferred style of training in personal training studios, boutique group training studios, and health clubs, gyms, and vertical market fitness facilities in the university, hotel, spa, and hospitality, resort, and private membership clubs.

The engaging nature of dynamic training invites both the exercise professional, coach, or trainer, and clients to explore human movement, movement efficiency, becoming stronger, more agile, and coordinated, explosive, and powerful. Dynamic training is an experience wherein each person learns a great deal about the body, the action of muscles during movement, and the results of the most efficient ways to exercise in order to become functionally fit, enjoy greater strength, speed and agility, coordination, balance, and physical conditioning. Dynamic training is trending, because of it’s engaging and contagiously competitive nature — however, it is not a fad. Dynamic training is a style of training that simply allows people to live the lifestyle they choose to live in. Be bold. Live in color. Try something new, and you may just be surprised how a simple change in your attitude, in your heart, allows you to embrace one of the most challenging, and rewarding exercise experiences of your life. This is our message to people who exercise everywhere. And, to personal trainers and exercise professionals, if you are not already employing dynamic training in your menu of services … count yourself among the irrelevant. You live in the past, the future is now. I’m interested to hear your thoughts, contact me using the form below to learn more.

Dynamic Training Equipment & Accessories

An additional bonus of dynamic training is that people use their body weight, and specific types of really fun exercise equipment and fitness accessories. Dynamic training equipment and accessories differ from traditional health club stationary equipment because the use of dynamic accessories allows a person to move freely, transport accessories through the fitness facility, or move the exercise session outdoors. The types of exercise equipment vary depending on the type of facility in which a person typically exercises. High-end dynamic training studios utilize gym rigs, otherwise known as multipurpose fitness rigs, that are designed to be used as group training stations allowing up to 12 people to exercise together at one time. These gym rigs range in quality and stability. We suggest that people research the manufacturers of the equipment they choose to use, as well as the exercise professionals who choose to equip their facilities. Beginning with the foundational gym rig, other types of exercise equipment, including extensions, and attachments are popular. Boxing heavy bags pull up bars, monkey bars, squat racks, and adjustable racks help people use this multipurpose dynamic training system for nearly any exercise modality.

Dynamic training accessories are really effective tools to use when training for physical conditioning, strength, speed, and agility, or simply maintaining peak physical fitness. These types of accessories range between weight plates, Olympic bars, and classic types of exercise equipment and accessories to more sophisticated types of dynamic training accessories. The greater the sophistication of the accessory the more training and practice a person must perform to properly use the accessory. Well prepared, and experienced, exercise professionals, personal trainers, and coaches specialize in using dynamic training equipment. Special clinics and training courses are taught to prepare people for using today’s top trending dynamic training accessories. Beginning with the Bulgarian bag, weighted bags, like the core bag, the GRIPR, a sand or steel shot bag, medicine balls (med balls), core trainers, discs and cones, speed and agility ladders, battle ropes, and a very large assortment of associated equipment that is specifically designed to allow a person to generate force, momentum, speed, and power, by using the body and movement patterns learned by repeating specific training.

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Below we’ve identified the fitness industry’s leading dynamic training equipment manufacturers and products. We feel the products below, and the extensive education, via video, and practical instruction clinics, together, create extraordinary opportunities for people to engage in dynamic training. We believe you, as an exercise professional, gym operator, or vertical market fitness facility manager, will find the following exercise equipment and fitness accessories exciting, engaging, and capable of allowing you and your staff to create exercise experiences based on education, social fitness, and dynamic training, that people will crave, enjoy, and in time, become exceptionally loyal to your brand, identity, and purpose. A tool doesn’t solve all problems. Educated people, helping to solve challenges, create dynamic experiences, and engage customers based on pure passion and dedication to the principles of human movement, movement efficiency, and pure social fitness fun, will endear you to the folks who you serve. Your customers will thank you for being willing to do more than the average fitness business operator, they will thank you, they will have awesome exercise experiences, and they will remain loyal, well earned, customers. Enjoy!

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