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Explore career training and accredited personal trainer certification by N.P.T.I. for students interested in a career change who would like to take classes in Denver or Colorado Springs.

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The First Step in Career Change is Education & Practical Training

Midlife career change is stressful. People email us many questions about career change. People may believe that they are too old, or not qualified to begin a new career. Job seekers, or students considering a career in the fitness industry can enjoy formal education. And practical training, and career training proves most valuable. Personal trainers searching for a job in a health club or gym must consider practical education.

Continuing education is an asset in a competitive job market within the fitness industry. Career training is a logical first step. If you are ready to become a certified personal trainer — enroll in N.P.T.I. Colorado. There are two N.P.T.I. Campuses located in Denver, and Colorado Springs.

Y’all [N.P.T.I. Colorado] offer the best practical career training schools for personal trainers in the nation!Derek Curtice

Career Training is Vital to Job Seekers of All Ages

You might be wondering, “Am I too old to begin a new career?” The answer is no. If you’re over 40 you have developed essential professional skill sets. Mature people from outside the fitness industry bring valuable experiences to our industry. Personal training clients prefer working with certified personal trainers who have outside professional experiences. Adults looking for a career change to the fitness industry should embrace their strengths. These strengths will help you complete your courses on campus, and help you to leverage your personal trainer certification to start your own business, or land a job as a personal trainer in your favorite health club.

Candidates for employment in the fitness industry must explore established accredited career schools. Entry level personal trainers should attend career schools specializing in personal training. Especially career training schools that will offer the best return on tuition fees. Use common sense. If you see advertising promoting accredited personal trainer certification for $49 — think again. Look for accredited career training schools. Review the curriculum, and practical nature of the coursework offered. Use your intelligence, life experience, and problem solving skills to judge schools. A qualified education can help you transition to your new career in the fitness industry.

There is a High Demand for Certified Personal Trainers in America

The mother of invention is necessity. Explore challenges facing the largest segments of our population. You will see that the largest percentage of health risks are preventable. Exercise, and regular physical activity are vital behaviors that affect ideal health. About 80% of us do not exercise as recommended by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services[1]. Educators, and research scientists outline key exercise guidelines for exercise. These guidelines are for children, and young people, and adults. Older adults, expecting and pregnant women can exercise. And people with medical conditions or disabilities can follow safe exercise guidelines. The able population can exercise according to the established guidelines. Yet, physical inactivity remains a big problem.

Only about 20% of Americans exercise on a regular basis. This is a big problem. A great opportunity exists for certified personal trainers. Entry level personal trainers can start a business, or work in health clubs, and gyms. Do you see opportunity to change your career? Enroll in N.P.T.I. Colorado (Denver or Colorado Springs Schools). Especially if you are over 40, and considering a career change. N.P.T.I. Colorado is an accredited career training school. You will enjoy studying in a hands-on practical teaching, and learning environment. You will learn from the fitness industry’s leading educators. You can begin your journey to become a certified personal trainer by taking your first step today.

N.P.T.I. Colorado is the Best Accredited Career Training School in Denver, and Colorado Springs

“The N.P.T.I. hands-on approach, and relevant curriculum reveal this school to be best in class. Federal student financial aid, and scholarships offer opportunity for lower income students. N.P.T.I. business coaching, and selection of electives qualify N.P.T.I. Colorado as the best career training school in Denver, and Colorado Springs.”
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Practical Training Drives Value in the N.P.T.I. Colorado Certified Personal Trainer Program

If you do not have a college education in exercise science, you must take classes. Classes in kinesiology, and exercise prescription can teach you a lot. The best way to begin learning about what it takes to become a professional personal trainer is to go to school. As students, and instructors spoke about in the video above, becoming a certified personal trainer is a choice. Career training, live work shops, and hands-on training in a classroom setting is practical.

It is my recommendation that you explore attending an accredited career training school. We support N.P.T.I. Colorado because they do not offer “online personal trainer certification courses”. N.P.T.I. Colorado Instructors are professionals, and they hold credentials as exercise educators. N.P.T.I. Colorado offers students a practical learning, and teaching environment. N.P.T.I. students learn how to communicate complex concepts, and share valuable skill sets. These employed skills help entry level students become successful certified personal trainers.

N.P.T.I. Colorado is an Accredited Post-Secondary Career Training School

If you want to change your career, explore continued education. Explore career training and certification as a professional personal trainer. Choosing between an online personal trainer certification course, or an accredited career training school. There are many comparisons between online personal trainer certification, and hands-on classroom practical education. Classes offered by accredited, and licensed exercise educators yield value and high ROI. Use common sense when exploring this issue.

N.P.T.I. Colorado is an accredited, post-secondary career technical school[2]. What is he difference between online certifications and the National Personal Training Institute? N.P.T.I. is an accredited post-secondary career training school. Many online personal trainer certifications do not meet standards established by leaders in education. It is vital that students receive value in exchange for tuition fees. You wouldn’t go online to learn how to build a house — would you? You cannot learn to teach people how to exercise without academic, and practical education. Practical means real-time practice, and testing.

Career change can be stressful if you are over forty. Fairy tales and butterflies make children happy. But adults need a strong sense of real-world accomplishment to feel fulfilled. Do you feel stuck in the corporate grind? Are you looking for a career in the fitness industry? Do you feel that you’ve lost your passion and direction? Is it time to change careers? It’s time to explore career opportunities. If you want to explore a career as an accredited certified personal trainer, we can help.

Review N.P.T.I. Colorado Student Practical Training and Learning

  • students collaborate in groups to study
  • CPR class for certified personal trainers.
  • Students learn how to use foam rollers and other exercise accessories.
  • NPTI Colorado students enrolled in career training show practical training.
  • Upon completion of the accredited certified personal trainer course students receive recognition of achievement.
  • certified personal trainers use TRX Training, and Kettle Bell Training exercise modalities.
  • Practical exercise education.
  • Students practice physical assessment in a group setting.
  • Practical exercise prescription.
  • Personal trainer kettlebell training certification.
  • NPTI Colorado students demonstrate H.I.I.T exercise programming.
  • NPTI Colorado teachers are professional accredited certified personal trainer instructors.
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Explore Federal Student Aid to Pay for Career Training

The N.P.T.I. accredited personal trainer certification course offers 30 weeks, and 40 weeks programs. The certified personal trainer program teaches practical skills. Focus on exercise prescription, kinesiology, professionalism in business, basic liability is in the curriculum. As well as best practices, and standard operating procedures for operating a business. N.P.T.I. Colorado students can pass the Certified Personal Trainer Program, and examination. N.P.T.I. Colorado is an accredited post-secondary career training school — not a certification mill.

The U.S. Department of Education sets federal guidelines for accreditation for Title 4 funding. This includes Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Stafford Loans, and Pell Grants. N.P.T.I. Colorado meets every rule established by the Federal Government. N.P.T.I. offers help to students who need Federal Student Aid or an education loan. Please remember that all students must apply to N.P.T.I. Colorado for consideration. N.P.T.I. Colorado is the only N.P.T.I. location approved for Federal Student Financial Aid. Payment for education can pay in full, or financed by student loan. N.P.T.I. Colorado accepts Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA). N.P.T.I. Colorado also accepts private loan, GI Bill or VA Education payment. For more information on financing, and student loans please contact us today.

Students take part in live practical demonstrations, skills testing, and practical assessment. Students learn about exercise prescription, proper instruction techniques, and general business practices. If you are ready for a career change, start with the best personal training education in the industry.

Value Drivers

Accredited Program
Hands-On Learning
Business Coaching
Federal Student Aid

We want to hear from you if you are ready to enroll in career training, or get help with Federal Student Aid. Please contact us today to learn about becoming an accredited certified personal trainer. Contact us for curriculum, electives, and business mentoring in Denver or Colorado Springs locations.


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