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Use this body fat percentage calculator to estimate your body fat percent based on your weight and circumference measurements for men and women; note reference values below.

Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage

Calculate Body Fat

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Note: these calculations are based on averages.

Your Body Fat Percentage is calculated by measuring fat mass as a percentage opposed to the rest of your body weight including all content in your body that is not fat. Body fat is calculated in many ways. Body fat is calculated as a percentage to determine a standard value for body composition.

According to the published American Council on Exercise (ACE) Ideal Body Fat Percentage Chart values for men range between essential fat value of 2-5%, athlete fat value of 6-13%, fitness fat value of 14-17%, average fat value of 18-24%, and obese fat value of 25% and above.  Standards for women are slightly higher beginning with essential fat value of 10-13%, athlete fat value of 14-20%, fitness fat value of 21-24%, average fat value of 25-31%, and obese fat value of 32% and above.

Formulas, including the formula used to build this calculator, and physical tests like hydrostatic weighing, skin-fold caliper measurement, and bioelectrical impedance calculations are widely used to estimate body fat percentage. It is important to consider that body fat percentage alone isn’t a complete indicator of health or health risks. As many different techniques are used to calculate body fat percentage it is clear that none of them are exactly correct for all people. Use this calculator as a tool to estimate body fat and speak with your doctor if you have concerns about your body fat percentage — it is a great tool used to open dialog about possible concerns and current health status.



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