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Calculate Your Ideal Body Weight

Ideal Body Weight Calculator

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Note: Calculations are based on averages.

Your ideal body weight (IBW) is an expression used to estimate general guidelines for establishing body weight goals. Please keep in mind that many different formulas exist. Of countless formulas used and expressed by chart and calculator form we’ve chosen a formula developed by Dr. G.J. Hamwi. The formula is based on a standard position that men and women of equal height, starting at 5 feet, a man should weigh exactly 6 pounds more than a woman per inch above 5 feet. To factor your physical body frame size into the formula use the calculator to establish a baseline then simply measure your wrist. The standard for medium frame is 7″, the formula is based on a medium frame. If the measurement is less than 7″ the standard is small frame, simply subtract 10% from the result. If the measurement is greater than 7″ the standard is large frame, simply add 10% to the result. Remember, this calculator serves to establish a guideline accepted as established by Dr. G.J. Hamwi.

While this and many other formulas are currently used to establish body weight standards — your doctor should be consulted before you decide to change your weight or define your personal ideal body weight.


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