Maximum Heart Rate Calculator 

This Heart Rate Max calculator computes your heart rate max. It includes BMI, maximum heart rate range for intense interval training, and a note for people on beta-blocker meds.

Calculate Your Exercise Heart Rate Zone if on Beta Blocker Medications.

Maximum Heart Rate Calculator

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What is your age?
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Your BMI is calculated to be:
Your HRmax is calculated to be:
Your target heart rates for interval training are:
During intervals:
During active rest:

Note! If you are on beta blockers, your maximum heart rate will be lower than the average for your age group. Speak with your doctor for recommended maximum exercise heart rate and target heart rate.

The heart rate max calculator to your left computes your maximum heart rate. This value is used in many formulas to estimate the minimum and maximum values for exercise heart rate determined by updated science-based health and fitness guidelines. This max heart rate calculator utilizes a formula developed by researchers expressed as 211 – .64*age[1]. The training interval numbers represented after calculation establish 85 – 95% of your calculated maximum heart rate. These training intensities are established for apparently healthy people cleared for sub-maximal and maximum exercise training intensities.

Remember, this, and any, calculator should be used to estimate values used to determine exercise intensity that is technically sound based on current applied metrics and standards as established by leading sports medicine, exercise physiology, and exercise research organizations — however, your needs or current health status may require special attention or require computations of different values. The best way to determine your exact maximum heart rate is to schedule an appointment with your doctor to determine your exact health needs and requirements for exercise consideration, and, perhaps, a stress test if deemed necessary by your doctor.

Medications, including beta-blockers, will influence your maximum heart rate. Specifically, beta-blockers or beta-adrenergic blocking agents, reduce your blood pressure. These medications block the effects of epinephrine or adrenaline. When your doctor prescribes a beta-blocker medication, he or she is attempting to manage a medical condition. When you take beta-adrenergic blocking medications, the medication reduces your blood pressure by making the heartbeat at a slower rate, with less force, as a result, you should recognize that your maximum heart rate value will be lower than calculated on this, or any, heart rate max calculator. Again, always speak with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.



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